The thing about working out is that, the stronger we get, the more challenges we desire. This is one of the reasons why luxury gyms exist. Luxury gyms offer a wide range of facilities and services that are quite compelling to try out. They spare no expense in providing you with the best fitness experience. They have state-of-the-art equipment which usually pose a greater challenge and keep the clients interested and motivated. This is why they are very expensive, but worth it. There are several ladies gym in Dubai for you to check out. So, what are some specific features that make luxury gyms stand out and above regular gyms? Do they really matter? Could this be what you need? These questions will be answered below.

Testing Facilities

Most luxury gyms employ doctors, therapists, and a variety of medical testing equipment to assess each member before drawing up a program. They have large and well-equipped testing facilities to attend to multiple clients at a time. The process is thorough and includes a lifestyle questionnaire, body composition test, 3D body scan, and so much more. This helps give a full fitness profile of the client and makes it easier to assign them exercises and diet plans.

Luxury Gym in Dubai


Nothing screams luxury more than a nice spa. For relaxation after an intense workout session, luxury gyms provide spa and massage areas. You can comfortably unwind and relieve tight muscles and aches. Some luxury gyms make use of high-tech massage machines for a better and more precise effect.

Sport Rooms

Luxury gyms offer more than just the key pieces of equipment needed for full body workouts. They also provide a variety of sport rooms for those who would like to move around freely and not be restricted to the use of machines alone? You would find swimming pools, basketball courts, racquetball courts, and a lot of more special rooms.

Luxury Gym in UAE

Sleeping Area

Some people often visit luxury gyms for this particular option. The sleeping area is specially designed to give you that well-deserved rest your body needs. You can expect to find features like sleeping pods, saunas, salt rooms etc. for your maximum comfort.


A lot of energy is exerted when working out. Asides from feeling exhausted, you also feel really hungry. Luxury gyms offer a dining area to immediately attend to your needs. You do not have to drive home on an empty stomach after your activities. It is a truly pampering experience.

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