The manufacturing industry contributes more than 50% towards the betterment of the economy across the globe today. It has remained central to the nation’s economy since the Industrial Age, creating opportunities and value for billions of people.

However, manufacturing has undergone a sea change with globalization and the digital age. Today manufacturing has become more customer-focused, strategic and global. Outsourcing is a strategic move adopted by many small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) who are looking to improve their operational efficiency.

Outsourcing, in simple words, means to hire a third-party partner to either produce goods or perform services, or both, otherwise performed in-house by the company’s employees. Manufacturer outsourcing at Prime Expo helps SMEs to become leaner and sustainable by boosting their bottom line in the long-term

Let’s take a look at the top benefits of manufacturer outsourcing.

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Higher Cost

With manufacturing outsourcing, you cut down the expenses to a large extent. The manufacturers with huge experience have perfected their art of manufacturing, which means lots of refinement has been gone into it.

For many retailers or businesses cost reduction is one of the primary reasons to outsource their manufacturing operations.

Employee costs involves both their payroll salary and benefits. Outsourcing cuts labor costs with much lower temporary worker wages along with the flexibility of reducing staffing needs as per business needs, as well as reduces the recruitment costs. It also cuts overhead costs including water, electricity, gas, maintenance, facility, and indirect labor costs.


It boosts the overall business productivity. Companies which are specialized in manufacturing processes the learning curve is less and over the years of manufacturing they have the niche industry knowledge give you the benefit of the lowest prices.


As you have complete control on your product you have the flexibility to define how much production has to be done. You can decrease or increase your production. Outsourcing gives you the flexibility to change with the industry’s changing trends.


Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core competencies and frees up the time of your internal resources. SMEs have limited resources and outsourcing helps to shift their focus from non-core activities to strategic and execution tasks that add value to the business and helps increase profit.

In certain areas, outsourcing not only frees business owners up to focus on the important job of growing the business, the process can add value to the business.

Competitive Edge to SMEs

Competitive Edge to SMEs

Small companies cannot match up to expenses and services of the bigger businesses in their industry. Outsourcing provides the benefits of the economy of scale, industry expertise, and efficiency giving the SMEs a firm competitive advantage.
Reduced costs, customization, flexibility, innovation, industry expertise, via outsourcing takes SMEs to new heights of business success.