It is not enough to enjoy your ride in a rented car in Dubai. You also have to think about protecting the valuables that you carry. You may go for a short business tour to the outskirts of the city or enjoy an evening in a shopping mall. But one of the priorities should be to protect your movable properties and assets. An important point to note is that the car rental company does not take any responsibility for your lost gold watch or business documents while you are suing its vehicle. You must follow specific steps to be more alert on this issue. Moreover, when you rent a car Tecom at Drive Plus, you must worry about its conditions.

Choose A Safe Parking Lot

One of the basic things that you can follow is wherever you go, look for a well-guarded parking lot to keep the rented car. The parking lot should have policemen or locally recruited guards who would take care of the vehicle. Some of the parking lots ask for a nominal fee. It is preferable to keep your rented vehicle in such a space. The Dubai Mall or a plush restaurant or a club usually has a secured parking area. Always park the car in the certified parking zone.

Safe Parking Lot

Don’t Keep Your Valuable Inside the Car

You may be casual and, in a flow, driving around the city on a high-end rented car. Be careful about the things in the car. Please don’t leave your credit card or wallet when you are leaving the car parked. Also, if you are carrying important business documents, take them along you while leaving the car. You should also be careful regarding the contract document with the rental company. It is wise to carry it along, too.

Keep the Keys with You

It is common sense to keep the keys of the car with you. You may think of casually sharing it with your friend or a relative. Never do it. The rental company does not allow sharing the keys with any person unless it is mentioned in the contract document. When you park the car, take the keys with you. Don’t give the keys to the parking lot guard. Also, keep the safety locks to protect the car against any kind of security breach.

Keep the Keys with You

Additional Tip

It would be judicious if you rent a car that is not too extravagant, as it draws less attention from the onlookers and burglars.