Dubai is one of the dream destinations of every traveler and it’s also the biggest business-hub. The head count of people visiting Dubai every year has crossed 15 million in recent years. The reasons for this huge footfall are exclusive tourist places the city offers, extravagant shopping malls, amazing skyline and the opportunities available for people globally.

Although the city has practical options for travelling such as taxis and metro, if you’re visiting on business, for you, these options might not be suitable. Travelling via taxi regularly is expensive and metro can cost you your time. Additionally, if you have to give presentations and have to carry luggage, travelling through a taxi or metro can be a hassle. In such situations, getting a car for rent can be the most practical way to travel within the city and there is a large number of companies that offer cheap car rent.

Planning to Hire a Car?

If you’re looking forward to use rented car as your transportation medium in Dubai, there’s a set of some rules & regulations that needs to be strictly followed. Remember Dubai is a city that is very strict in implementing their rules & regulations, violation of any one of them can cost you to pay a huge penalty in terms of money or any other way. Some rules that have to be followed for getting a car on rent in Dubai are:

A Valid Driving License

To rent a car in Dubai, it’s necessary for you to have an international driving license or license that’s counted as “valid” for driving in Dubai. You will be allowed and eligible to hire a car on rent in Dubai if you have a driving license from Europe or GCC unless you have a visit visa.

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Age limit

As we all know, the age limit to be eligible to drive a car in Dubai is same as standard, 18 years, but, if you’re looking to get a car on rent, your age must be 21 years of age, and possessing a license that is at least six months old after you have turned 21.

Salik charges

Due to some reasons, if you get any kind of fine while driving, amount will be added in your final receipt by the rental company. Moreover, the Salik charges, (toll collection) will also be added in the final receipt.

Insurance policy

The companies that rent a car in Dubai, usually, have insurance added in the rental prices however you should always reassure what the policy provided by the rental company is covering. It is always better to ret and the insured car even if it costs a bit more than other for safe and carefree driving.

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Security deposit

You’ll have to submit a deposit amount before renting a car in Dubai, it’s called “security deposit”. The deposit is refundable if car has not met with any kind of damage. Moreover, the rental companies are allowed claim loss if it uncovered in the insurance policy of that car.

Travelling outside UAE

If you need to travel outside the UAE, you cannot take a rented car as travelling outside the UAE requires the ownership of the car. Al Cars can be the best pick to get rent a car at an affordable price.

Check the competitive rates

There is a huge number of companies offering rental services in Dubai and it is always a good idea to look for the ones with competitive rates. However, make sure that the company is registered and provide cars that have to possess the fitness certificate as well to ensure your safety and to abide by the rules of the government of the UAE.