When you choose to host your website by a local company you are enabling it to operate at a much faster rate as opposed to hosting it by an international company. While this may sound obvious, it is important for you to recognize your business needs before deciding between a local server hosting Dubai or international web hosting server.

Once you recognize this, it will help you in making an informed decision that will not only offer you a position online, but will offer convenience for your visitors. Also, with a local server, you will notice an improved quality and support when required the most. In fact, global servers lack the knowledge provided by a local hosting server. They also offer you support 24/7 either via phone, email or with an online representative.

Loads Faster

The speed of your website is very important as it encourages your visitors to browse through it and stay on it for longer. Or else they end up closing it sooner than one would think. Since it takes time for data to load, especially if its from an international server, the closer it is the better it will be in retaining customers.

Improved Service

Ever tried calling a customer support team from an international company, only to wish you had gotten back those hours wasted in trying to reach out to them? Well worry not as you’re not the only one. The main purpose behind this, is that many companies follow the ticket system to address issues. The large volumes of issues to handle makes it almost difficult for them to sort at a time. With a local server, however, this isn’t the case. All you have to do, is simply make a quick call to an actual person and not to a bot. Besides, if you know them well enough, it automatically builds a sense of trust.  Instead of having to deal with a company that has no face.

More Secure

More Secure

Your website is as vulnerable as your company. A reputable hosting server company will take all your online security concerns with seriousness and responsibility. It will monitor your website and prevent entry from any unauthorized or attacks that any website can be prone to, especially if there’s not enough support from the server.

Improved Ranking

Notice an Improved Ranking

Partnering with a local hosting server certainly guarantees a better online position for your website online. As per Google, they utilize the IP address of the web server to understand how legit your content is online. Choose a local server to benefit from improved SEO.

In Conclusion

When you choose a local website hosting server, you are showered with a plethora of benefits, that of which any international hosting server won’t be able to provide you. Visit https://www.weboasis.ae/ to find a domain name for your website at an affordable price.