Dubai offers a wide range of culinary experiences to accommodate the huge variety of nationalities is a hub to. People from around the globe are settled there, and they have all kinds of wants and needs when it comes to food.

One kind is the sushi enthusiasts as Japanese cuisine is becoming increasingly popular in Dubai. Whether customers dine in or order sushi Dubai, they can never have enough of it. Japanese food is surprisingly simple yet exotic, after all, so we can’t really blame them.
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However, not everybody likes to enjoy their sushi inside the restaurant. Some people are not fans of dining in, so here are some fun and exciting ways to enjoy your sushi outside of a Japanese restaurant:

Have A Sushi Picnic

The outdoors seems to be a forgotten thing these days, sadly. Everyone is stuck in the corporate race, most of which requires them to stay indoors more often than not. Step out of the house this weekend, pick up some sushi takeaway and go to a nice, green park. Sit on fresh blades of grass and enjoy your sushi meal under the open sky with the wind in your face.

Head to The Beach

The beach is loved by everyone. Well, almost everyone. A lot of people enjoy eating by the beach, as it can be a very refreshing experience.

Take your sushi takeaway to the beach next time and enjoy it while you watch waves crash into each other. You can choose to have a friend or loved one accompany you, or you can also opt for some alone time if you think you haven’t had a self-evaluation session in a while

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All You Can Eat, At Home

There are many people who absolutely love eating but they aren’t too comfortable with being outdoors. It is similar to be a movie; lover but preferring to watch your favorite movies at home, inside your blanket.

If you are like that or have any friends/family members who are like that, try ordering sushi at home and hold an all you can eat sushi competition indoors!

This way you will be able to enjoy your favorite meal without having to step out of the house and experiencing any sort of discomfort or inconvenience.


The good thing about sushi is that it is a portable food item. Get as creative as you like, and enjoy your sushi delivered from Bon Appetit!