A rented car in Dubai has its perks. In a city that has so much to offer, including some outstanding road infrastructure, public transport just won’t cut it. You need convenience, and that is achievable by renting. Some might argue, “but there are taxis!” Well, taxis may seem better, but they are costly. The money you pay for one taxi trip may fill your rental car’s tank. Additionally, the flexibility that a rental will offer cannot be reciprocated by a taxi. But, before you rent, you need to know what to avoid for you to get the best out of your experience and avoid unnecessary costs.

Do Not Purchase Insurance When You Have Full Coverage

You should avoid incurring unnecessary costs when you decide to rent. If you have full coverage, you may not need to purchase another insurance for your car. Why? Because most insurance companies regard the rental vehicle as a replacement. However, some companies will only cover the rental up to the value of your previous car. So, it would be best to talk to your insurance company beforehand. However, if you are a foreigner, you have to purchase insurance if the rental company does not offer one (although most of them provide their cars with insurance).

Do Not Purchase Insurance

You Need to Avoid Prepaying for Fuel If You Can

There are some instances where it may be better to prepay for gasoline. Say when you rent the car to use from the airport. However, it is more expensive to prepay, and you are only advised to do so when it’s necessary. But that’s not to say they are exploiting you; it’s only expensive because they have to drive the car to the gas station. You should only prepay when you are sure that you will use all the fuel before returning the car.

Do Not Ignore the Upgrade Offers by Rental Companies

People have this tendency to ignore upgrade offers by rental companies. Do not be part of the crowd. Sometimes the rental companies update their fleet, and they want to reward their loyal clients. They do this by offering them upgraded offers. The issue with most people is the additional costs that come with this. To work your way around this, you should talk to the rental company, and they will surely offer you a bargain.

Refuel the Car

You Need to Know Where to Refuel the Car

If you got the car with a full tank, you might not be sure about where to refuel the vehicle. This can prove disastrous. That’s why it’s advisable you know of a place to refuel. If you are new in the city, you may request a car with GPS, which can direct you to several filling stations. Now, if you want to rent a car in Karama, these are some of the things you should have in mind.